Individual Players

So, you want to play but don’t have a team. Game over right? Think again!

We have partnered with Just Play to give everyone the chance to get involved in our competitions, regardless of if you have your own team or not.

How does it work? Just Play sorts keen individuals in to teams. Simply select a venue and competition night that suits and Just Play will do the rest.

Last season Just Play placed over 500 individual players in to teams, so you are in good hands. You can enter Just Play on your own or with 1 or 2 friends and be placed in the same team.

Choose a venue. Find your team.

  • A Just Play season sign up includes your Registration, Playing top and all Game fees for the season.
  • Just Play has reserved team places in our competitions for upcoming seasons – so you know the teams they list are good to go.
  • Just Play guarantees that you will be placed in a team (or receive a full refund).